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Ski & Snowboard

Skiing & Snowboarding

Happo SkylineIf you like challenging steep runs that seem to go on forever then Hakuba has got plenty to keep your legs working hard. Because the valley floor is low and the lifts rise to about 2000 meters there are plenty of possible runs offering 1000 or more meters of vertical. The largest amount of vertical is offered from Happo One. From the dramatic peaks of the Northern Alps to the gentle rolling slopes of the Tsugaike, each unique skiing area in Hakuba has something different to offer skiers and boarders. One thing's for certain, skiing or boarding in Hakuba is unlike skiing any other Japanese resort. It's variety on and off the slopes that are almost guaranteed to keep you sufficiently entertained during your stay. 

Long, Steep & Vertical

Happo SteepIf you want long steep vertical runs then you have come to the right place! The mountains of Hakuba rise very quickly from the valley floor to 3000m and giving you a ski-able vertical of over 1000m, that’s 1km straight up! ...Long Steep & Vertical


Happo PowderOver 11 meters of snow makes Hakuba the powder capital of Japan. For some reason Japan does not get the mad rush on powder mornings as in other ski countries. Probably as the locals are busy digging their cars out and clearing the snow. Some of the ski schools have powder clinics to enable you to enjoy the sensation of powder. Please see ski school listings. Please see Powder in Hakuba


Beginner Ski Areas


hakuba-beginnerThere are lots of beginners’ slopes in Hakuba; in the form of separate small ski areas, or part of the larger resort that are strung out along the bottom of the valley. Sometimes it's cheaper to buy a pass at the smaller resorts until you become more confident on the more intermediate runs. Most of the beginner slopes are lower in altitude and they may be short of snow if you visit towards the end of the season, however the lowest ones on Goryu and Hakuba 47 usually have the best snow cover. 

On Mountain Safety

Hakuba safety Here we have listed safety tips to make your vacation in the Hakuba valley a more enjoyable time. Mountain Safety

Snow Parks

Hakuba snow parkComing Soon

Snow Shoeing

hakuba-snow-shoeingStrap lightweight plastic snowshoes to your feet, and walk effortlessly through deep snow. Either set out on your own, or join a group led by a knowledgeable local guide and explore the hidden parts of the valley. On these half day group outings you will get off the beaten track to follow animal footprints, discover mountain flora and fauna and learn the history of the valley. Snowshoes and ski poles are provided. Snowshoeing

Families and Kids

Hakuba Family Ski Family skiing and snowboarding is a great getaway. There nothing like the exhilaration of a snowy mountaintop. Trips with young kids give them a gift of learning early. With older kids, family skiing or boarding is a great chance for together time. Coming Soon

Lift Network & Passes

Lift PassesThe Hakuba lift system consists of several distinct and very different ski areas high above a steep-sided valley where the town and its villages are located. Hakuba is often criticized for being 'disjointed' however this is perhaps a little unfair as it is the physical geography of the valley that largely dictates this situation whilst also giving each of the ski areas  their unique character. Lift Passes

Equipment & Clothing Guide

Hakuba-ski-wearHave you literally got 'all the gear' but have no idea what to do with it?? Unless you want to look like Posh Spice on the slopes, knowing a bit about your skis/snowboards/bikes/transceivers etc will help you avoid being any old Wannabe... Having the right equipment for your chosen activity will help ensure that you get the best possible introduction to your sport (if you are a beginner), or speed along your learning curve if you are looking to improve. The easier and quicker you learn, the more pleasurable your experience will be! In this section, you will find guides to help you select the most appropriate gear for your sport and ability, as well as some insider knowledge on the "must have" kit for this coming season

Skiing Tips

ski tipsWe have teamed up with one of our top ski school instructors to produce guides on ski technique. The articles featured here include learning how to carve and how to conquer moguls. To ensure you get the most out of your time on the piste, check out our Ski & Snowboard Lessons Listings and perfect your skills! ..