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Hakuba Update 14 July 2011

It’s hot, hot, hot. After a rainy season that seemed to go on and on the weather has turned into the glory that is summer. Temperatures are regularly hitting 30+ during the day but cooling down nicely in the evenings. 
This summer bookings are way up from last season in the numerous hotels and pensions. One of the reasons is that with summer in the cities unbearably hot, more so with the air-conditioners turned up or even off to save power in the Tokyo area, many folks are escaping to the mountains to cool off.Suggestions to cool off this summer in Hakuba.
  • A dip in lake Aokiko. One of the cleanest deep water lakes in Japan. 
  • Paddling in the river. We recommend Hirakawa River, its not too deep or fast running.
  • Join Evergreen for a day of Canyoning through the alpine fed rivers/streams. 
  • Both HAC & Lion Adventure have rafting on the local rivers.
  • Relax in one of the numerous air conditioned cafes around town.
  • Hiking in the mountains – OK not the best way to cool down, but the air is little cooler and much fresher at 2000m!


Hakuba Update 19 May 2011

MTB HAKUBAInter-season is well and truly upon us so most of those who find themselves in this wonderful valley have now finally mourned the long slow death of the winter, and begin to appreciate and accept the birth of the beautiful months of summer.

We have had some large amounts of rain passing through the valley but there have been just enough windows of opportunity to enjoy some summer passions with drier and sunny spells during the day. Yesterday was a perfect day with amazingly clear warm weather, producing an opportunity to climb and even a BBQ. The weather forecasters are predicting more sunny weather for next week.

The mountain bike trails have opened and all of them have been cleaned of winter debris. Now is a great season to enjoy off road riding before rainy season and the heat of summer are upon us. Spicy Rentals have good quality mountain bikes available.

Happy to say that bookings for this summer and next winter are picking up with both domestic and international visitors. I hope this trend continues and Hakuba can look forward to bumper summer and awesome winter once again.

Hakuba Update 18 March 2011

Bamboo, HakubaThis weekend on both Saturday and Sunday - all profits from Bamboo Cafe sales will go to the Japan Red Cross. Both coffee shops will be open - Hakuba station and Happo. Staff are donating their time, donate some of yours to drop in and have a coffee or a hot chocolate for a good cause.

Hakuba Update 14 March 2011


No earthquake damage in Hakuba from the large earthquakes that struck on Friday and Saturday. All ski areas are very quiet and the gondolas at Tsugaike, Happo-one & Iwatake are not in operation.

At the moment there are no blackouts forecast for Hakuba. Gasoline is being rationed to 20L. Supermarkets seem fine.

On maybe related news an avalanche on Friday caused the death of 3 backcountry  skiers on Friday. Officials are unable to say if the avalanche was caused by the earthquake or not.


Hakuba Update 13 January 2011

Hakuba Happo-one Reisen CourseA belated Happy New Year to everyone. It seems to have been snowing every day since Christmas. Though we haven’t had the huge dumps that we normally associate with Hakuba, to have continual powder snow is a great bonus. There are few small bushes poking through on the lower slopes but the storm rolling in this weekend should cover them up until spring. 
Restaurants and shops have reported brisk business from the international customer. Though not necessary, we would recommend booking a restaurant in advance, more so on the weekend. 
This year’s hottest wear seems to be clothing from the new “Hakuba” brand. Everyone wants to buy a hoodie or a T-shirt. You can get them at Bamboo café or the Tokyu Hotel.


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